15 Minutes with Animated

4th in the series, I looked at Animated, which is the library that handles the animations of React Native (if I understood correctly) but that’s also made available for React.

For once, it has a proper tutorial, that’s progressive and much easier to understand than the other libraires I’ve reviewed so far. Kudos to Animated for that ! Not only is it easier to follow, it’s also much longer. I didn’t even get to finish it all, but I had to reach some pretty interesting examples !

So what could I do with it ?

Well I’m not entirely sure. I could do some simple things probably if I used Animated in a project but for more complex transitions I’m not entirely sure how things would work together.

I tried to go through as much of the docs as I could, so I might have missed something important, right now I feel like I’m close to understanding how it works but not quite there yet.

From what I could tell though, Animated seems like one of the libraries that can actually do almost any kind of animation, though the ability to sequence things feels a bit complex… Many things are built in but I couldn’t figure out how to define durations… Similar to React Motion… Weird trend…


There’s a lot to read, but I don’t have much to say. I’m sure Animated is a very good solution but I’ll have to spend a lot more time figuring out how to use it to know really how good it is, but it’s among the libraries I’m most interested in so far !

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