Business Log #1 – Starting Fresh

Here we are, April 29 2014, first entry of my Business Log. From freelance work to business owner’s struggle to daily life, what mattered in a few lines.

Why this log

Accountability. It’s the main reason. To move toward my goals, I need to define what they are, and stick to them until they’re achieved. Writing it out makes it real, it just stays.

Feedback. It’s easy to keep going in the wrong direction and any kind of input would be appreciated. I’m wrong from time to time, I’m only human.

Sharing. I’m on the road to self-employment, it’s something many fellow web-workers want to do too, without knowing how it happens behind the curtains. I’ve enjoyed posts from other bloggers, all of them successful, making tons of money consulting, selling awesome products or having some kind of magic-box kind of brain that generates brilliant ideas and perfect execution by the dozen. Well here’s the log of someone that, for now isn’t like that. Someone normal, like you maybe. Hopefully it’ll work out well for me too !

Keeping track. Maybe some day my biographer will want to read those !

Last month’s review

Last month’s focus was on building my portfolio. Focus on selling my WordPress development services, it’s straight to the point, a really basic version but I think it’ll do for now and should be sufficient to test my customer acquisition model to improve it or change it completely.

I focused on efficiency, designing takes too long and I’m not good enough at it, so I bought a theme on ThemeForest. I coded a homepage, set it up, in a month the website was ready to be live.

I also got in touch with someone great I’ll talk more about in another blog post, which is going to be something between an intern and a partner in the future, if things turn out well.

Money Summary

In the end, what matters is the bottom line so here come the numbers.

  • Part-time salary : 1600€
  • Freelancing income : 4050€
  • Total income : 5650€
  • Part-time/Total : 30%

April was a nice month with one of my longest project so far ending this month. 70% of my income this month came from my freelancing which is a rather good number to me. I want to get it somewhere around 25% consistently before I leave my full-time job, so reaching this nice level before starting any marketing work is reassuring, but until early April I haven’t done any more freelancing work (choosing to focus on my portfolio first).


What’s to come in May

My website will be up, marketing efforts will start. I don’t expect to have any new leads turning into contracts right away, so I’m expecting May to be rather slow, enabling me to work on my acquisition process which will be all new, from finding who to contact, what to say to closing a deal, a whole new thing to me which I’m excited to dig in !

So by the end of next month I’d like to have 2 solid contacts with agencies interested in outsourcing some of their WordPress development to me, an outline of the process to find a bunch of leads (which I’d like to send a VA later to outsource that part). I also want to be done with the view page of my blog posts, which for now look… undesigned, to say the least.

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