Business Log #2 – Getting Busy

May is over, here comes June, it’s time for the monthly Business Log number 2, let’s go !

Last month’s review

In May I wanted to work on my marketing process, get 2 serious leads and work on this very website, more precisely the blog post pages. Nothing went as expected…

I didn’t do any marketing, couldn’t find the time between personal life (I have a new home) and freelancing work. Because I didn’t do any marketing, I didn’t manage to generate any new leads. That kind of sucks. On the bright side, I got some work from a previous client, which pretty much proves that the idea of working with agencies for recurring work is solid, I’m starting to build a really nice relationship with this agency so I’m happy about that.

I did work on my website and made some good progress on the Blog part of it. Nothing huge but anyone who’s seen the previous page should appreciate the changes a lot. It’s not perfect yet (mostly the list pages) but it’s much better.

As I mentioned earlier, I moved in May. Since I’m only going to my part-time job’s office once a week now, and remotely every other day, the home-work commute isn’t too much trouble to me anymore and doesn’t really matter when deciding where to live. On the other hand, I go to the climbing gym 3 to 4 days a week, and had to ride the subway for an hour to get back home. This is now over, I live 5 minutes away from the gym, 35 minutes away from work which is still pretty good.

Moving all my stuff around has been quite time-consuming, I still don’t have internet access at my new place (the horror) but I have more space and feel much better and at home, hopefully once all the paperwork is taken care of and internet on I’ll have more time and energy to work more and better.

Money Summary

No contract ended in May, so the numbers aren’t so great :

  • Part-time salary : 1600€
  • Freelancing income : 0€
  • Total income : 1600€
  • Part-time/Total : 100%
  • Last 2-month Part-time/Total : 3200/7250 = 44%

Lately I’ve closed a deal every two month, meaning the share of money I get from my part-time job remains quite high. This means my main focus now should be on working on a steadier stream of income from freelancing work, as I make more money with it, but not frequently enough.


What’s to come in June

I’m back to the marketing for June. Sending out a bunch of emails, seeing what works and what doesn’t, trying to generate a few leads. I also want to improve my website some more. I didn’t write enough on my blog in May, I want to fix that in June.

I also want everything in my personal life (new home-related mostly) to be in order for me to be able to focus on work as much as needed.

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