Business Log #3 – Work-life Balance

July starting, time to take a look back at June.

Last month’s review

I wanted June to be this really productive, getting a lot of work, getting paid, getting the ball rolling with my freelancing.

It didn’t go that way. I did do some work, got paid, but I didn’t get any contract for the end of June of July. But I kind of felt like working too much and like I wasn’t doing what I wanted to be doing.

My part-time job takes me 3 days a week and when I’m working on freelancing gigs at the same time, I often end up working 7 days a week to be as fast as anyone else would be on the projects I work on. Because of that I tend to have really long and exhausting weeks that I really don’t enjoy so I think it’s time for me to think about what I’m really looking for, how I want things to change and how to make this change happen. This is probably be what July will be about for me : figuring a new battle plan that suits me better.

Money Summary

  • Part-time salary : 1600€
  • Freelancing income : 3200€
  • Total income : 4800€
  • Part-time/Total : 33%
  • Last3-month Part-time/Total : 4800/10250 = 46%

The good thing I didn’t realize here is that over the last three months, about half my income came through freelancing and I didn’t work nearly as much as I did on my part-time job. 3 months isn’t enough to make any decisions but if I manage to keep things this way I should be able to stop my part-time job to work much less and earn probably as much as I am right now, assuming I get enough contracts (which is the difficult part).

What’s to come in July

Like I said in the first part of this log, I’m not really happy with how work is going right now, with alternating periods of too much work and not enough.

During July I want to figure out how to resolve this issue and find out how I can have a nicer work-life balance through out the month and stabilize my freelancing income and work load. This is going to take some times but I have a few projects in my drawers that might be good ways to work on that.

We’ll see how that goes !

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