Business Log #4 – Working on a new idea

July has been quite an interesting month for me, little review of what happened in my work life.

Last month’s review

Early July I really felt like something was just not right in my life, but I couldn’t figure out what to do to change it. So I took the time to actually think about it and work on a plan to make my life better.

After figuring out I needed to work on a product of my own, I watched a bunch of videos about startups, launching a products and tried to see if that could be something right for me. Among many others, I really enjoyed a talk about the Ideal Bootstrapped Startup, go watch it if you’re feeling like working on your own product.

For the last few weeks I’ve started working on a project of mine. I’ve tried to do some market research, with some success (I’ll discuss more about that in another blog post) and got started coding a little. So far so good, all I need is to stay focused and keep working and everything should be fine.

Money Summary

  • Part-time salary : 1600€
  • Freelancing income : 0€
  • Total income : 1600€
  • Part-time/Total : 100%
  • Last 4-month Part-time/Total : 4800/11850 = 40%

I didn’t do any freelancing work this month and I don’t really plan on looking for any in the upcoming months. I’ll take gigs that come to me but I’d rather focus on working on my own product for now.

What’s to come in July

Hopefully I’ll keep working on my own product, get the ball moving, get to talk about more prospects, move forward with the development, and that’s about it…

More info on all that later this month !

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