Business Logs

Monthly Reviews of my Business

Business Log #4 – Working on a new idea

July has been quite an interesting month for me, little review of what happened in my work life. Last month’s review Early July I really felt like something was just not right in my life, but I couldn’t figure out what to do to change it. So I took the time to actually think about […]

Business Log #3 – Work-life Balance

July starting, time to take a look back at June. Last month’s review I wanted June to be this really productive, getting a lot of work, getting paid, getting the ball rolling with my freelancing. It didn’t go that way. I did do some work, got paid, but I didn’t get any contract for the […]

Business Log #2 – Getting Busy

May is over, here comes June, it’s time for the monthly Business Log number 2, let’s go ! Last month’s review In May I wanted to work on my marketing process, get 2 serious leads and work on this very website, more precisely the blog post pages. Nothing went as expected… I didn’t do any […]

Business Log #1 – Starting Fresh

Here we are, April 29 2014, first entry of my Business Log. From freelance work to business owner’s struggle to daily life, what mattered in a few lines. Why this log Accountability. It’s the main reason. To move toward my goals, I need to define what they are, and stick to them until they’re achieved. […]