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Accessing Mac localhost with Parallels Desktop

This post is a rough draft, images are coming. I’m not an expert, I managed to get something that works for me, hopefully it’ll help you to but I can’t say for sure. Current Situation You have : A Mac OSX Computer (I have Yosemite installed, doesn’t change much anyway) Parallels Desktop (I have v10, don’t […]

CSS Rules not applying in IE9

Here’s the scenario : you’ve been adding some nice CSS code to that website you’re working on. It’s all looking good in your favorite browser so you decide to test it on the not-so-favorite ones juste to make sure it looks good too, or at least okay depending on your objective. Then you fire up […]

My ScrollMagic tutorial is out !

After days of work, there it is, my ScrollMagic Tutorial is released ! What is ScrollMagic If you’ve never heard of it, ScrollMagic is a JavaScript library, powered by GreenSock Animation Platform that enables frontend dev to create complex visual animation based on the scroll position. Parallax and really any kind of animation. It’s really […]

Viewport auto-zoom based on a specific size on mobile

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=450″> Adapting the zoom so that the viewport’s width is 450px.

Scroll to the top of a page

“Back to the top” links are everywhere, especially on mobile websites and while it’s a very simple feature, and it takes no time to code… Provided you remember how to do it. I’ve done it dozens of times and yet always end up browsing the web to find that tiny piece of code whenever I need […]