Chrome, font-face and double quotes

Ever seen your Chrome replace a h2 titles’s text by ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ? Well you can fix that, and it’s quite simple.

Disappointment : prequels

In order to have this annoying bug (if for some reason you need to reproduce it, or to make sure my fix applies to you) you need to have the font on your computer, as well as being loaded from Google Webfonts

I think it’s specific to 1-word font names, such as Marvel as it doesn’t seem to happen with Open Sansthat Gogle Webfonts calls OpenSans.

To make Photoshop load faster, as it goes through all your fonts at different moments of it’s usage, including launching, I enable and disable my fonts based on what I need for work with Suitecase (which is really nice btw). I am not sure it causes the issue or not, but at least it makes it faster to disable the font without losing it.

The Holy Fix

You probably guessed by now, you need to disable/remove the font, and then restart Chrome, and the font should appear fine.

This is a really weird bug and I will create a ticket about it so that hopefully it can be fixed, but in the meantime, if you run into this issue disable, restart and you should be fine.

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