My ScrollMagic tutorial is out !

After days of work, there it is, my ScrollMagic Tutorial is released !

What is ScrollMagic

If you’ve never heard of it, ScrollMagic is a JavaScript library, powered by GreenSock Animation Platform that enables frontend dev to create complex visual animation based on the scroll position. Parallax and really any kind of animation.

It’s really powerful but with that comes a drawback : it can be a little difficult to approach at first. After spending what was in my opinion too much time for basic animations, I decided to write a complete guide on how to start, from the basics, and get to really cool animations with everything moving everywhere.

Get animating too

It’s only 7 short lessons, but it will show you everything you need to know to start making stunning web pages that move !

Learn ScrollMagic

All feedback is welcome, let me know what you think !

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