Seductive Interaction Design – Book Review

You simply can’t miss this book, it’s way too good and you can’t afford not to read it.

To put it simply this book explains how the beginning of a successful relationship with a website works, from creating interest to keeping the flame alive long enough to get users in the hook. After that it’s up to you to have a content worth sticking around.

Well written

The book is really entertaining and well written. Really easy to follow, not too much big words or anything, just simple sentences with simple ideas that just clic right away.

Along with the ideas, explanations and studies, you find once in a while suggestions of books to read to go further, anecdotes and little stories. Everything to keep you in the hook, willing to keep reading and try new stuff.

It’s not based on thoughts

… it’s based on science. Or at least it really looks like it and it’s damn clever.

Through the book, various researches are quoted, experiences, authors and scientists. I never came across a book claiming things that seemed just plain wrong but here I really enjoy the feeling that everything said was there due to trustable resources and careful thoughts.

It gives so much ideas

I don’t think it’s possible to read that book and not have a “hey I’ll totally try that on this project I’m working on !”… The book delivers so much ideas, tips and applicable knowledge there’s at least 10 things you’ll want to try right after you finish the book. At least 10.


I recommend this book to anybody that cares about users, and even more to all web designers like me coming from a UI background that sometimes lack the Psychology background to fully understand UX Design, but anybody that makes websites would enjoy it and have great ideas to find in that book.

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