TextParser 2

I made TextParser a long time ago… Here’s the complete revamp.

If part of your job is to slice PSD files into Html templates, and if you’re like me, there must be one thing that is a pain for you too : text styles. From the size, to the color, the line-height and the letter spacing. It’s just back and forth from Photoshop to your text-editor and that just sucks.

So I made TextParser

Back then it suited my needs : generate all the styles all at once and export them in a css files. Now I need something faster to use so I made…

…TextParser 2

Instead of running as a script, it’s now a panel, meaning you can have it 1 click away all the time. It also generates the styles for the selected text layer only, so it executes in a blink and doesn’t waste time browsing all the layers.

What it does :

  • font-family
  • font-size
  • bold
  • italic
  • color
  • all-caps and small-caps
  • justification
  • line-height

For now, it doesn’t handle layer effects (which is really sad). I’m trying to find out ways to do that but it doesn’t seem to be possible with the JS API. We’ll see, I’m looking into it.

Download and Install

First of all you need to Download the file and then you must extract it in *Photoshop Installation*/Plug-ins/Panels.

Star/Restart Photoshop, and then show the panel with “Window > Extensions > TextParser 2

A little eye panel will appear on the right. You’re all set. Then select a text layer (just click on it in the layer list) and click the “Get Styles” button. The generated CSS code will appear in the textarea below the button.

Commented proprieties

You will see that some proprieties will be commented out. This is because they are set on the default css value. But if, due to inheritance that wasn’t the current value, you can set it by un-commenting the line.

I will work soon on a checkbox to decide if you want the default values or not in your styles.

Tell me what you think

Feel free to contact me to tell me what you think about it. And share it on social networks, talk about it to your co-workers and everything, it’s much appreciated.

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