The Elements of User Experience : Book Review

A nice book to understand the core ideas of UX and communicate about it. A Quick read that is completely worth it!

While only covering the core ideas of UX design, I’ve found this book very interesting because it defines a precise vocabulary and explains concepts clearly. You can easily apply the principles it teaches in any project, give it to a colleague so he understands what you do and what you do together.

It’s focused on asking yourself the right questions and coming up with flexible deliverables that will help you structure your process and make you more efficient.

A process you can start using right now!

I have been working for a few days on a side-project, when I was done reading the book, I took some time to re-read it and creating some kind of specs for that project. Some really nice ideas, solutions appeared to me as I was writing, ideas I would have missed if I jumped right into the mix or forgot steps.

Unless you’re already a rockstar at UX design, with your own successful process, I really recomment reading this book, whether you want to learn UX to practice it, understand how it can be applied to other fields than UX design itself or if you just like easy to read books that provide actionnable advices and processes.

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