Work, happiness and life goals

As of late I’ve been wondering where I’m going with my career, my life, what I want to do and what makes me happy. I figured it would be nice to try and think about that in a blog post, so I can do it over multiple days and come back to it whenever I feel lost again, to remember where I am or figure out what will have changed from now.

The 3 lists of freedom

Chris Ducker published a blog post about his 3 lists of freedom in which advises to make a list of the things you hate doing, the things you can’t do and the things you shouldn’t be doing. While aimed at figuring out what to outsource to virtual staff in his case, I think this could also help me get a better idea of what I actually need to change in my life to improve it so here it comes !

I hate…

  • My day job. My co-workers are nice, the office is nice but for some reason I’m just getting sick of it
  • Fixed work schedules. I wish I could work whenever I feel like it as long as I meet my deadlines, but for my day job, I can’t

I can’t…

  • Afford to go on vacation for more than a week. Not getting paid, spending money…

I shouldn’t…

  • Work for time, but should work for value. I’m not a pixel pusher, it doesn’t matter how long I work, what matters is how I solve problems or improve stuff
  • Work for someone else than me

Ok my life isn’t too bad, these are really the only things I could think of. Well that actually feels nice. My life is not that bad.

Drawing the conclusion

Looking back at those list after a 5 minutes break to make some coffee, here are my conclusions :

  • I need to leave my day job
  • I need to work on my own thing
  • Winning the lottery would do too

That’s all I can think of in term of ways to fix the 5 issues I came up with in the first part. I just have to quit my day job. I need to work on my own product, service or whatever.

I guess I’ve known it for a while but it’s getting really clear now that working on my own thing is the way to go now. It’s what I need to do to be happy about whatever work I’ll end up doing, and enjoy life more. That’s scary. I guess I’ll be back soon with more thoughts about those projects will be later…

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