Out of work sooner than expected

I’d written in here about how I wanted to leave my job, work on my own product(s), boost my freelance income and many other things. What I didn’t know was that I’d get to do all those things starting December, because I was let go of my current part-time job, letting me with no regular income […]

Business Log #4 – Working on a new idea

July has been quite an interesting month for me, little review of what happened in my work life. Last month’s review Early July I really felt like something was just not right in my life, but I couldn’t figure out what to do to change it. So I took the time to actually think about […]

The ideal bootstrapped startup design Talk

I came about a really inspiring video from Jason Cohen about designing startups with low investment that suit lone entrepreneurs best. Quite insightful, I figured I’d share it here. Below are my takes on the video, important bits to me and key takeaways. I hope I’m not getting anything wrong but either way these are […]

Work, happiness and life goals

As of late I’ve been wondering where I’m going with my career, my life, what I want to do and what makes me happy. I figured it would be nice to try and think about that in a blog post, so I can do it over multiple days and come back to it whenever I […]

Business Log #3 – Work-life Balance

July starting, time to take a look back at June. Last month’s review I wanted June to be this really productive, getting a lot of work, getting paid, getting the ball rolling with my freelancing. It didn’t go that way. I did do some work, got paid, but I didn’t get any contract for the […]

Viewport auto-zoom based on a specific size on mobile

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=450″> Adapting the zoom so that the viewport’s width is 450px.

Duplicate Post Plugin

Duplicate Post is a WordPress plugin that does one simple thing : clone a post. It works well with custom fields and the various plugins I’ve been using lately (namely SimpleFields and WP Types) to add custom fields to posts and works like a charm. The reason I’ve been needing to use Duplicate Post is […]

Scroll to the top of a page

“Back to the top” links are everywhere, especially on mobile websites and while it’s a very simple feature, and it takes no time to code… Provided you remember how to do it. I’ve done it dozens of times and yet always end up browsing the web to find that tiny piece of code whenever I need […]

Business Log #2 – Getting Busy

May is over, here comes June, it’s time for the monthly Business Log number 2, let’s go ! Last month’s review In May I wanted to work on my marketing process, get 2 serious leads and work on this very website, more precisely the blog post pages. Nothing went as expected… I didn’t do any […]

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Often cited as the reference when it comes to the psychology of persuasion, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion is the first book I decided to review in my Pretend You Read It series, book review with actual quotes and summaries of the book’s most important parts, along with fun facts for dinner parties. “Tape-activated Behavior” […]