Accessing localhost in Mac OsX from Windows VM in Virtualbox

Oh the joy of cross-browser testing... The worst part is that it's rather difficult to even just see your dynamic pages from localhost in your Virtualbox VMs... Here's how I did it.

Cross Browser Testing Protocol

Here's an overview of the way I defined some kind of protocol for recurring cross-browser testing.

Force refresh of a page when the hash changes

By default, when clicking on a link that references to the same page, but with a different hash, Firefox (and eventually other browsers) won't do anything... Here's a fix.

The Elements of User Experience : Book Review

A nice book to understand the core ideas of UX and communicate about it. A Quick read that is completely worth it!

CSS methodology and frameworks

OOCss, BEM, Smacss are the 3 main CSS methodologies for scalable maintainable frontend code... Here are my thoughts on them.

Install Centurion with MAMP (PRO)

Centurion is a cool Php hybrid between a CMF and a framework. It's quite young right now but seems promising. But boy the install process gave me a hard time, here's how it goes.

TextParser 2

I made TextParser a long time ago... Here's the complete revamp.

Seductive Interaction Design - Book Review

You simply can't miss this book, it's way too good and you can't afford not to read it.

Chrome, font-face and double quotes

Ever seen your Chrome replace a h2 titles's text by " " " " " " " " ? Well you can fix that, and it's quite simple.

Starter kit to style forms

Ever had to style forms ? It's a pain. So I made this little starter-kit, it doesn't do much just provide cross-browser default state, and enhance the selects to be stylables.

Absolute placing with jQuery

I needed to do some absolute positioning to an element with jQuery, based on it's original size... Well here's how to do it !

Hidden elements and Http requests

With cross-devices development, media-queries and new techniques, loading times, http requests are a "new" concern as often some assets won't be displayed. Here's a little research about what browsers will download or not.

Motion Design Journey #1

Hi all, I'm starting today a series of posts about my journey in learning Motion Design.

Textparser Photoshop script

More than a hack, here's a script I wrote for Photoshop that generates the css styles for each text layers in a Photoshop document.

CSS letter-spacing in Photoshop and browsers

Tracking, or letter-spacing as the property is called in CSS, allows a web designer to set the space wanted between each character of a text. Through this article I'll show you my findings about it's implementation in various browsers and in Photoshop.