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Accessing localhost in Mac OsX from Windows VM in Virtualbox

Oh the joy of cross-browser testing… The worst part is that it’s rather difficult to even just see your dynamic pages from localhost in your Virtualbox VMs… Here’s how I did it. Prerequisites Since I’m not going to cover everything, here’s what you need to have to get started : Virtualbox installed Some Windows virtual […]

Cross Browser Testing Protocol

Here’s an overview of the way I defined some kind of protocol for recurring cross-browser testing. The goal of recurring cross-browser testing So far, most of the cross-browser testing I had been doing was on website I had made, while doing only the frontend dev, on static pages. I was rather easy to know what […]

Force refresh of a page when the hash changes

By default, when clicking on a link that references to the same page, but with a different hash, Firefox (and eventually other browsers) won’t do anything… Here’s a fix. The issue might be a little obscure so I’ll explain a little better, with an example. Let’s assume that you are working on a page that […]

The Elements of User Experience : Book Review

A nice book to understand the core ideas of UX and communicate about it. A Quick read that is completely worth it! While only covering the core ideas of UX design, I’ve found this book very interesting because it defines a precise vocabulary and explains concepts clearly. You can easily apply the principles it teaches […]

CSS methodology and frameworks

OOCss, BEM, Smacss are the 3 main CSS methodologies for scalable maintainable frontend code… Here are my thoughts on them. Due to recent changes in my work life, I’ve been faced with a problem I never really considered before : someone is going to use my code to do something with it. If you’re a […]

Install Centurion with MAMP (PRO)

Centurion is a cool Php hybrid between a CMF and a framework. It’s quite young right now but seems promising. But boy the install process gave me a hard time, here’s how it goes. Download¬†Centurion Once you’ve created a folder in which you want your code to live, open you Terminal, move to this folder […]

TextParser 2

I made TextParser a long time ago… Here’s the complete revamp. If part of your job is to slice PSD files into Html templates, and if you’re like me, there must be one thing that is a pain for you too : text styles. From the size, to the color, the line-height and the letter […]

Seductive Interaction Design – Book Review

You simply can’t miss this book, it’s way too good and you can’t afford not to read it. To put it simply this book explains how the beginning of a successful relationship with a website works, from creating interest to keeping the flame alive long enough to get users in the hook. After that it’s […]

Chrome, font-face and double quotes

Ever seen your Chrome replace a h2 titles’s text by ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ? Well you can fix that, and it’s quite simple. Disappointment : prequels In order to have this annoying bug (if for some reason you need to reproduce it, or to make sure my fix applies to […]

Starter kit to style forms

Ever had to style forms ? It’s a pain. So I made this little starter-kit, it doesn’t do much just provide cross-browser default state, and enhance the selects to be stylables. Form-Ready-To-Go First of all make sure you check¬†the demo page, it shows what you get out of the box. No extra markup, easy to […]